davina: Your grandma looks like she is hilarious. What a fun day for you and for her! (12.21.07, 7:59PM)

Lisa June: Bebe looks AMAZING! You are so blessed to have your grandmother in your life still! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEBE! (12.18.07, 4:28PM)

April Keen: What sweet pictures and full of memories to share! I love seeing families interact with one another. Not only does Bebe have wonderful daughters but I think that she has a wonderful grandaughter! Great pictures Millie! (12.17.07, 8:57AM)

melissa: i'm going to follow in your granmother's footsteps and be known as the person who likes to open presents so much that all of mine are open before most people have even begun. I'm done with being polite and pretending that i don't want to tear into the packaging to find out what is inside. (12.16.07, 11:54PM)

Dinea: Millie, This is what makes being a photographer such a gift to everyone around us, but especially for our families as historians. My almost (on the 18th) 92 year old grandpa is coming here for Christmas and I am so inspired to get his blowing out the candles. Thank you for sharing. Dinea (12.16.07, 12:19AM)

Christina Littleton: Happy 80th Birthday, Millie's Grandmother!!!! (12.15.07, 9:13PM)

Dennis: Wow Millie...you are one lucky person to be blessed with such a great grand parent. Tell her congrats and many more! (12.15.07, 8:57PM)