kayleigh: im sad i didnt go it looks like it was amazing (12.20.07, 4:04PM)

kg: hey millie! thank you for giving so much of yourself to share this event with us. go get some well-deserved rest! God bless (12.20.07, 11:45AM)

Norma: Millie, You Rock!! My family was so impressed with the production and with your photography. Thanks for catching the spirit of Imagine! (12.19.07, 9:49AM)

Lauren Edwards: Millie these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I hate that I wasn't there so I am so glad that you put these up. Thanks Mills!!! :-) (12.19.07, 9:06AM)

April Keen: I loved the production! I love the pictures. The colors and everything are amazing! (12.19.07, 9:03AM)

Leslie Vega: wow! what a beautiful show! Is this church in your town? (North Carolina, right?) It's funny, but my family and I are really entertaining the thought of moving to your area, cause it's so beautiful. Finding a great church is at the top of our list! :) (12.19.07, 9:01AM)

Helen: You are amazing! I want to see more! Great pictures...you have such a gift to capture the moment. (12.19.07, 6:14AM)

Lana : Millie, thanks so much for letting us have a window into this event we spent many hours praying for! As always your photos are AMAZING! LOL (12.18.07, 7:04PM)

Lisa June: Im BACK! I LOVE the picture of Tim lifting Casey. Imagine Christmas was an awesome production and you captured every moment! I love them all! (12.18.07, 4:25PM)

Dinea: Millie, I would have loved to see this production. I have been in Nutcracker world... my daughter was a Cavalry soldier in it. I definitely feel that bittersweet ending right now. Thanks for saying that so eloquently. I love the snow shots and all the kids. What lenses were you using? (12.18.07, 3:16PM)

millie holloman: hannah - Thanks! There will be some from the kite dance once the images go online for viewing. It was hard to choose for the blog... there are so many shots. (12.18.07, 1:55PM)

millie holloman: Hi everyone and thanks for the kind words... it would have been hard to take bad pictures at this performance... it was great! (12.18.07, 1:54PM)

hannah jarman: u r such a great photographer, these pictures r awesome! are there any from the kite dance? (12.18.07, 1:41PM)

Penny: Awesome Millie! Merry Christmas! (12.18.07, 12:48PM)

wale: the pictures are amazing. makes me wish i was there. actually...i really wish i was there. (12.18.07, 11:19AM)

carolyn: they are beautiful!!! thank you so much millie! i was laying in bed last night dreaming about the pictures you took. thank you so much for capturing this event so that it can live on more than just in our imaginations. you're the best! (my favorites are melanie jumping, casey and tim and the violin). (12.18.07, 11:13AM)

Jill: I really wish I was closer to Wilmington to have been able to see this in person...your pictures look amazing! (12.18.07, 11:04AM)

Jacob Bergmeier: These photos are absolutely stunning! I am simply amazed at your colors. I look forward to seeing more in the future (12.18.07, 9:35AM)

Erin Hession: Gorgeous pics, as always!! Great job! :) (12.18.07, 1:53AM)

Coni Andress: Fabulous pictures Millie. I have been perusing your other pictures too. You have a great talent. (12.18.07, 12:19AM)

Abs: Millie! You are the BEST - it was an honor to work with you. Thanks for all of the great shots...let's do it all again next year - except BIGGER! (12.17.07, 10:54PM)

Bryan: Once again, you are a genius. Thank you for capturing the spirit of Imagine Christmas. I especially love the shots of that good looking sound guy. (12.17.07, 10:48PM)