Abby: Hahah I love the one where they are running to each other and she catches him, haha it made me laugh :] (04.03.08, 6:59PM)

Tiffany: Millie~ You are amazing!! These shots are gorgeous just like all of the photos you post!! I have never commented before~ I am going to the workshop in February and I am so looking forward to learning from you!! :) (01.04.08, 10:51AM)

melanie from whitebox: Great session Millie! (01.03.08, 10:46AM)

April Keen: I love love love these photos. Especially the freeze frame shot! AMAZING!! I also like the close-up shot of their tattoos. What a beautiful couple! You never cease to amaze me Millie! (01.03.08, 9:37AM)

Robin Dini: yummy! i love these shots Millie! The feel is so destructive and cool. i'm sure they love them! Happy New Year! (12.31.07, 3:09PM)

ashley rebbert: Mills! You are AMAZING! These are truly phenomenal! I am sure it didnt hurt that Kim and Phillip are stunning people anyway, but still.. You can take a mean photo! (12.30.07, 12:19AM)

Jennifer Manuele: wow those are flippin amazing!!! Millie, really now, you are on fire!! :) (12.28.07, 2:31PM)

Sunny R.: Nice job, Millie. Very creative and funI like the closeup of the tattoos better. (12.27.07, 11:45AM)

nicole green: these are my absolute favorites that you've EVER done! :) man when me and my boyfriend finally get married, you are definitely in the running for who we would LOVE to photograph our wedding. :) (12.26.07, 11:00PM)

stephanie davis: wow millie!!! you are nothing short of amazing!!!! these images are stinkin' awesome!!!! (12.26.07, 10:55PM)

Jerome Braga: Millie, these are awesome! Makes me want to go collect some beat up cars, to use as props. (my wife wouldn't like that much) Great work and great compliment that you get to still do their engagement pix even though you can't shoot their wedding. Happy Holidays! (12.23.07, 6:13PM)

Brent: wow, these photos are awesome. some of my favorite. (12.23.07, 3:17PM)

Tessa: I love the closeup tattoo shot! These are beautiful, especially the freeze frame. (12.23.07, 9:41AM)

dinea: Millie, I LOVE the freezeframe! WOW! Please tell us how you accomplished this AMAZING piece of art! You rock! Merry Christmas! Dinea (12.23.07, 2:10AM)

millie holloman: Kim - So glad to see you love the photos. You were both such a blast to work with! That shot would ROCK that huge... We sell canvas prints and can get them that large so you are in luck! I will send you the canvas pricing via email! Again... loved working with you! (12.22.07, 11:37PM)

Kim Kuzan: AHHHH I want a HUGE canvas of the "freeze" photo the size of the one you have in your office!!! Where can I get that done at!! (12.22.07, 11:20PM)

Charlie McGee: Hi, I'm Philip's mom and I have to tell you that I love the photos of Philip and Kim. I really like the one of them in the ruins of the house, and as far as the tattoos I like the close up of their arms. I just love them all and can't wait to see the rest. (12.22.07, 10:55PM)

Kim Kuzan: MILLIE!!! I absolutely LOVE THESE Photos!! They are amazing! You always take the most beautiful photographs and we had soooo much fun with you today! I cannot stop thanking you enough and I can't wait to see the others! Have a wonderful Christmas! (12.22.07, 10:52PM)