April Keen: I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and spent some much needed time with your wonderful family! I truly believe that 2008 is a year of new beginnings for you! The best is yet to come! God Bless you Millie - you are truly an amazing friend to have! (01.03.08, 9:42AM)

millie holloman: Hi Leslie! Sorry I have still not posted the Thanksgiving winner. I still plan to do it. Things got crazy over here and busier than I ever thought they would. I guess that contest hit the back burner for a bit. You will see the results of this before long.... I promise! (01.01.08, 1:19PM)

Leslie Vega: Millie, I hope you had an amazing holiday season! ...hey, just wondering...whatever happened to the thanksgiving photo contest? Regardless of if I even placed or not, I was curious to see the entries! :) You must have gotten some creative entries. (01.01.08, 11:19AM)

Kristen Shoffner: Millie, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas with your family. Mike and I had a wonderful Christmas as husband and wife. We gave wedding photos as gifts to some of the family and they were a hit! I found beautiful frames to go with our beautiful photos and voila, the perfect present! I look forward to seeing you in the New Year! BTW, I love watching Christmas Vacation & I just recently heard about the white elephant exchange. Sounds like some good times to me!! Take Care girlie. Oh yeah, I loved the Christmas card. (12.28.07, 5:03PM)

Casey Cape: Mom got the iMac Leopard!!! I told her to check out your comments about how much you enjoyed it! I'm so excited for her to start up with her photography on this.....she's probably emailing you right now with questions ;) Have a great weekend Millie!!! Keep making everyone's day! (12.27.07, 8:17AM)

Casey Cape: Merry Christmas, Millie!! And Happy New Year!! (12.26.07, 1:04PM)

Lauren Edwards: Hey Millie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Those are wonderful traditions and I hope you guys have a wonderful time this next week being together. Love you all! (12.26.07, 8:51AM)

Carri Neu: Merry Christmas Millie! Can't wait to see you in February. (12.25.07, 10:59PM)

JaneRoberson: Merry Christmas, Millie! 'Love telling my brides (and others) about your fabulous work and awesome spirit! Keep up the great work and I look so-o-o forward to working with you again in '08! (12.25.07, 10:41PM)

Lisa June: Merry Christmas Mills! Hope you have safe travels and make wonderful memories! Love you lots! :) (12.25.07, 4:08PM)

candi: merry Christmas to you!! hope you have a relaxing holiday. :) can't wait to see what you do in 2008! (12.24.07, 11:16AM)

Dennis: Merry Christmas to you also Millie & have a blessed New Year...from Dennis Bullock Photography! (12.24.07, 11:05AM)