rebecca schlieman: Rachel, thank you so much for taking the time to do this! We love the images and can't wait to share them with our gummy bear when he/she gets old enough. :) You ROCK! (04.05.10, 6:45PM)

melissa at nsalo: O MY GOODNESS!!!! i luv luv luv all of these photos!! i wants some just like it. yes this does make me a copycat! (03.30.10, 11:32PM)

Alyse Woodward Events: Can't pick a favorite! So cute! (03.30.10, 6:03PM)

Sacha: What a fun shoot - the balloons just make it. Such a cute couple. Great ideas. (03.28.10, 12:29PM)

Paige Butcher: Ah, this is gorgeous and wonderful in so many ways. (03.26.10, 4:36PM)

Jeanna Wade: Amazing!!! As always... (03.26.10, 4:35PM)

Brittney: these were SUPER super fun :) that couple had some great ideas (03.26.10, 4:04PM)

Jamie Kutter: rebecca could not be cuter!!!! I'm so excited that you are having a baby!!!! great shots Rachel! (03.26.10, 2:26PM)

Yvonne: These are fantastic and so much fun! (03.26.10, 1:54PM)

Candice {The Beautiful Mess}: Love these SO much! Rebecca...you're so pretty! Great work Rachel :) (03.26.10, 8:14AM)

Catherine Guidry: The bed in this forest is SO cool!! I love that you make the sessions unique to the couple..and the pillow fight rocks. The image where the feathers are blowing really makes a beautiful image! (03.26.10, 2:44AM)

Hannah Lundberg: These are absolutely gorgeous! I adore the ones in the forest, I am such a sucker for forests in general. (03.25.10, 11:23PM)

Cheyenne Schultz: ummmm.......quite possibly my favorite shoot of yours EVER. AWESOME, rachel! :) (03.25.10, 5:13PM)