millie holloman: The box came from an antique store and the table came from anthropologie, but it was something they found in an antique store! (04.11.10, 10:20AM)

Cami: It is stunning! So perfect in every way. Where did you find the teal plant holder in the Royal Cola box outside? Also, I love the coffee table in the living room! Is it vintage? Thanks for sharing! (04.09.10, 10:48PM)

betsy roof: love the bathroom. where did you find that mirror? love it!! (04.07.10, 10:33PM)

Cori Jessy- August and After: Missing? My gosh woman, you're crazy. You're not missing anything I can see from that amazingly lovely house... except maybe another intern? :) You should be proud, it's a beautiful space! (04.06.10, 1:17PM)

Katie Hoffpauir: I used to work at Bath and Body Works, so my house is full of Eucalyptus Spearmint! It is yummy! (04.03.10, 2:52PM)

Karen (Mikols) Bonar: I just love having a fresh herb garden ... you MUST make Pesto with your basil!!!! ALso, love the toothbrush holder in the bathroom!!!! SO adorable! (04.03.10, 10:52AM)

millie holloman: Katie - Yes! I LOVE that stuff! Smells so yummy. (04.01.10, 2:30PM)

millie holloman: Thanks everyone! I do love my little space and I'm so glad to know that others can enjoy it and possibly even get some inspiration to create their own amazing space. (04.01.10, 2:30PM)

Katie Hoffpauir: I love this space! So many small details...and is that Eucalyptus Spearmint in the bathroom? Love that stuff! (04.01.10, 2:25PM)

Bobbie Brown: LOVE your space! Every single little detail is awesome and inspiring! (04.01.10, 1:56PM)

Sarah: Love all the pics. Your home is cool and inviting. (03.31.10, 4:22PM)

Gina: Such a great space. Thank you for the inspiration. I am totally into the white and clean and they awesome cameras. BRAVO. (03.31.10, 1:02PM)

Emily @ Southern Weddings: I LOVE this, Millie!! Your studio looks amazing, and definitely a place I'd like to come visit! Also, I want one of those kumquat trees. And one of your hall bathrooms. (03.31.10, 12:48PM)

angela batts: AWESOME job! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I miss southern decorating! thank you for sharing this with us! (03.31.10, 12:44PM)

Paige Butcher: Beautiful studio!! Very fresh and elegant :) (03.31.10, 11:16AM)

Jackie P: I've been patiently waiting for this post! and I'm not surprised by the awesomeness of your decor. I can feel your love for clean, organized, color, and fun! Last year I bought an old lunch pail to grow my herbs in, that was fun. I miss the posts of you...thanks for an update! (03.31.10, 10:45AM)

johnwaire | photo: ...your front door IS awesome! (03.31.10, 8:46AM)

Kirstin @ Weddings Unveiled: can i just live in your studio? it's gorgeous! (03.30.10, 9:53PM)

lisa Edwards: Everything is adorable! I love your home and its neat to work from home. I work in a corporate setting, but can't complain- we have a lake, walking trails, etc. (03.30.10, 9:00PM)

KRISTINA: I ADORE the storage unit under the TV! Amazing job! (03.30.10, 7:19PM)

Alyse Woodward Events: You wouldn't mind if I came to live in your studio would ya? So cheery! PS - love your new Anthro "p{l}ants!" ;) (03.30.10, 6:02PM)

sandy: I think all you need are some rocking chairs on the front porch! And maybe some fresh lemonade! (03.30.10, 5:41PM)

Brooke Courtney: I have something for your studio! But, I'd prefer to just mail it as a surprise! If you can, shoot me the studio address in an email and I'll send it your way asap! -Brooke :) (03.30.10, 5:28PM)

Mary Marantz: I am in LOVE!! I just want to come live with all of you....would that be ok? : / (03.30.10, 5:13PM)

mary: how frickin adorable is that orange tree?!? super cozy & charming! (03.30.10, 5:07PM)