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katie + jon . concord, nc

10.30.11 ~ Weddings ~ posted by Rachel

Katie and Jon had their lovely southern wedding in Concord, North Carolina. They met in an elementary school where they were both teaching at the time. Katie loves all things southern - rocking chairs, mason jars, Cheerwine, etc. and tried to incorporate a few of those things in her wedding.

Ashley was my assistant for the day and together we captured some really wonderful moments for Katie and Jon. The day began at the church, where Katie was getting ready.

Katie's mom helped her with the finishing touches.

A few moments before Katie walked down the aisle, her dad took her hand and looked at Katie as if she was an angel. I could see the pride and joy in his face. It was really sweet.

Ashley was able to photograph the ring bearer as he made his way down the aisle. He almost made it the whole way before getting embarrassed and running into the arms of an adult. I love weddings!

There are a few things I love about this next shot, but the best part is definitely his tie!

Downtown Concord has the coolest vibe. As I drove toward the church that day, I noticed a new painted Coca Cola sign. Or so I thought! I later found out that the side of this building had been covered for decades with siding and that this sign was an original! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph the wedding party in front of it, so we all walked down together for some of the best images of the day.

Another southern "must have" for Katie was a trolley for her wedding party.

The grounds at The Orchard House are always the perfect backdrop for couples!

Let's party!!!

The photo booth was so cute. People loved it!

At the end of the night, their guests made a canopy of sparklers for Katie and Jon's exit. What a great night!

Thank you so much Katie and Jon for having me photograph your wedding! Many congratulations!


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mandy + matthew . wilmington, nc

10.27.11 ~ Weddings ~ posted by Rachel

Mandy and Matthew's wedding was one of the most beautiful and memorable weddings I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. Their wedding happened to be the same weekend that hurricane Irene hit the east coast! I drove in to Wilmington, North Carolina, the day before and joined Millie, Brent, Amanda and even a few of the Salt Harbor Design staff at the studio for an overnight hurricane party. It was my first experience with that type of weather and I have to say...it was kind of awesome. The sky was glorious that evening and the winds calmed down just in time for Mandy and Matthew's wedding to go on without a hitch!

Every detail of this beautiful wedding blew me away. There were so many wonderful vendors working on this special day.

Photographer: Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography
Event Design: Salt Harbor Designs
Director: Miss Jane Roberson
Violin: Maura Kropke
Venue: 128 South
DJ: Jay of Active Entertainment
Hair and Makeup: Melissa of Salon Fringe
Banner: Nana Montana Studio on Esty

The hotel room where Mandy got ready, Stemmerman's Inn, was really cool! It was loft style, two story room, making this next shot possible. Moments after Mandy slipped on her dress, we went over to the venue for a few quick shots of her and her bridesmaids.

Mandy and Matthew moved their location from Southport to 128 South in Wilmington for the safety of their guests and ease of their vendors during the hurricane. Southport had declared a State of Emergency so it was 128 South and wedding vendors to the rescue! The wind was still pretty fierce at this time, so we decided to do the pre-ceremony pictures inside. This was my first wedding at this beautiful new venue and I loved how much character the space had!

My assistant for the day, Matt (an easy name for the bride and groom to remember), did a fantastic job capturing photos of Matt (the groom) and his groomsmen before the wedding.

While my assistant hung out with the guys, I went back to the hotel room with Mandy and her girls for present opening time!

Each bridesmaid got this to-die-for purse as a thank you. So, so cute!

I loved the feel of this ceremony. Because of the last minute venue change, the reception was decorated before the ceremony started. That meant the guests took their dinner seats to watch the vows. It was so different and refreshing!

Guests wrote good luck wishes to the couple in lieu of a traditional guest book. Personal touches like these will be the things that Mandy and Matthew remember for years to come.

The little boy in the above photo and his friend carried a sign down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony. It was cute! Coming down the aisle wasn't enough, though, so he decided to run back toward the bride as her and her father made their appearance...

...which explains Mandy's laughter as she made her way toward Matthew. :)

Love this shot that Matt captured from the balcony.

After the ceremony, I took the wedding party out to the riverfront as the winds had finally died down enough to enjoy what turned out to be a wonderfully cool evening.

I mentioned that the wind had died down. But not completely!

Mandy and Matthew enjoyed a quick cocktail with their wedding party before joining their guests at the reception.

Salt Harbor Designs has once again created magical tablescapes that everyone talked about throughout the wedding day.

The theme for the evening was "A Day at the Races". Mandy and Matthew met at the Preakness horse race, making the choice extra special. Salt Harbor Designs elevated the look even further. I love it!

Mandy and Matthew were delighted to take a few more photos at sunset. It only took a few minutes to sneak them out of their reception to get these images, which I feel are some of the best of the day!

Back inside, the guests were served pies and other treats. Love this!

After the traditional father/daughter and mother/son dances, Mandy and Matthew honored Matthew's grandparents and their 65th wedding anniversary with Mandy's bouquet and a special song. It was so touching to see this couple be the model for Mandy and Matthew's new life together.

During the reception, the local news stopped by to video some footage of the party that wouldn't stop for a hurricane. It was cool to come home from working this wedding to see it on television!

This traditional wedding dance consisted of Matt wearing an "awesome" hat with ribbon and pacifiers attached to it and then carrying Mandy off into the next room. It was a fun and unexpected way to end the night!

Mandy and Matthew, your wedding was spectacular! Thank you so very much for letting me join you on this memorable day. A big shout out to all the awesome vendors who pushed through and made the wedding so fantastic. And a little shout out to Irene for stopping by but not crashing the party. ;)

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kelly + stephen . bald head island, nc

10.25.11 ~ Weddings ~ posted by Brent & Amanda

Mother nature has a mind of her own, and she doesn't always show grace on the plans created, including your wedding. This was the scenario that Kelly and Stephen were placed in. About a week before the wedding, threats of Hurricane Irene were all over the news. Would it hit the coast? Would it push further out to sea and bypass our sweet little coastline altogether? Only time would tell. Unfortunately, when you are planning a destination wedding (one where all your dearest friends and family are coming to share with you) time is a luxury you can't afford to waste. So Kelly and Stephen made the big decision to bump their wedding day up to an earlier date. It was a decision that required sacrifice on their part and trust in those who would make sure they would have the wedding they always dreamed!

Kelly and Stephen are one of the sweetest and most appreciative couples I know, and the way they embraced the unpredictable weather conditions coming their way, was amazing. As a previous bride myself, I remember when the weather threatened my big day too! I don't know if I would have handled it as well as Kelly and Stephen.

Kelly and Stephen pushed their wedding day up to miss the hurricane, so we enjoyed the final day of beautiful weather before the storm hit. The sun was shinning and it was hard to believe that the weather was going to take a turn for the worse in just a matter of hours. Brent and I met up with Stephen at "Old Baldy" Lighthouse where he was waiting to see his lovely bride for the first time that day. Kelly looked beautiful and both of them were all smiles!

Thanks to Kelly and Stephen for being amazing! Your day was gorgeous and I know that you two, can brave any "storm" that comes your way! And to all of your family and friends who were able to share in your happy moments, thank you for being such an awesome support system for Kelly and Stephen! I can tell they are deeply loved!

And a HUGE thanks to all the vendors who came together to give Kelly and Stephen the wedding they deserved! You all played a big roll in making it a success!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Bald Head Island Club
Ceremony & Reception Coordinator: Shauna Harris
Flowers & Reception Design: Salt Harbor Designs
Cake & Cupcakes: Flower & Flour
Pianist: Duke Ladd
DJ: Eric Thompson of DJ Professionals

Bald Head Island Club always does such a fabulous job with their cuisine. And since Kelly and Stephen were making the best of the hurricane heading their way, they decided to make their signature drink the "hurricane"!

Family and friends gathered for cocktails before the ceremony so they could allow just a little more time for guests still arriving to the island to join them for the ceremony. Such a considerate thought!

These two are just the cutest ever!

Kelly's mom and Stephen's mom came up during the ceremony to join the sands together, and before they slipped back to their seats, they made sure to let their children know how much they were loved.

I thought it would be funny to commemorate the special circumstances of the entire day so I told everyone to strike their best "blown-away" pose. So funny!

The team at Salt Harbor Designs did a fabulous job making sure everything came together for Kelly and Stephen. Everything was so beautiful and I loved the travel theme!

During the reception, Stephen said a few words of thanks to all of the guests who were able to share in their special day. But none was he more thankful for than his new wife, Kelly. He even got a little choked up while talking about her...so sweet!

Flower & Flour did a delicious job with the cake topper for the couple and cupcakes for the guests. Simply sweet!

Thanks again to Kelly and Stephen for an amazing day! The sincerity and kindness in your hearts is immense and we are so happy we were able to capture it! Much love and many years of happiness to you!

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stansbury family. wilmington, nc

10.25.11 ~ Kids & Family ~ posted by Brent & Amanda

It's not every week that Brent and I have the chance to work with families so, when the opportunity comes up we really enjoy it. Ryan, Lindy and their sweet, little Allyson came down to WIlmington to visit with family, and thought it would be a great time to capture their own. After all, little Allyson was turning one the following day!

We decided to stroll around downtown for a little while and then finish up at the park where Allyson would make her debut in her party dress. Thanks again to the Stansbury's for a wonderful session and we can't wait to see what life has in store for all of you!

We stopped by City Club before heading to the park. This was where Ryan and Lindy had their wedding reception a few years ago!

I love Allyson's smile...so adorable!

The birthday girl in her party dress!

Thanks again Stansburys for a great time!

brent holloman design

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mini sessions: christmas in the city . charlotte & raleigh, nc

10.24.11 ~ Portraits, Kids & Family ~ posted by Millie, Brent & Amanda, Rachel, Rebecca


Our Shoots & Ladders sets have been a huge success with loads of bookings and we’ve had lots of requests for Charlotte & Raleigh Christmas sessions! Although we can’t bring the sets your way quite yet, we did want you to have the opportunity to participate in our mini sessions this season. This session is for familes and kids of all ages. Attention parents: We are making your life even easier because this time around our session fee includes a full family shot and images of the little ones (we’ve extended the time by 10 minutes to be sure to fit everything in as our Christmas gift to you). The session fee also includes 25 Christmas Cards. Don’t have kids? That’s okay, you can play, too; just read below for details.

Join our Facebook page for updates on future mini sessions!

Below are the details. Each city has only two days of shooting and it's sure to fill VERY quickly, so email to book right away!


$200 session fee includes a family shot and images of the kids during a 30 minute mini session (up to 3 kids - $25 per additional child) + 25 5x7 Christmas Cards (complete with envelopes)

location: Rachel will be shooting our Charlotte families at The Green | Rebecca will be shooting our Raleigh families on Fayetteville Street! (exact address' for both locations will be given upon booking)

dress: bundle! hats, winter coats, mitten, scarves. Think layers and lots of fun!

We'll present the images (10 proofs) to you online within two weeks of the session!

Email the studio to reserve a spot and recieve your session time!

Saturday, November 19th (time will be determined when booking)
Sunday, November 20th (time will be determined when booking)

TO BOOK: email claire@millieholloman.com. Be sure to let Claire know what date and city you would like in your initial email and she'll reply with a link to pay online and reserve your spot.

Your session must be paid when booking. Payments are non-refundable. Choose your time carefully, once it’s chosen it’s reserved just for you. Be punctual. Showing up late gives you less time in our set. Additional Christmas cards available for purchase. Prints sold separately. Batteries not included.

Totally Rad

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