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christmas production

12.14.07 ~ Documentary ~ posted by Millie

I am excited about this Sunday because The Rock is putting on their Christmas Production, Imagine Christmas. You will remember the cast photos from November. I am photographing the performance so I had the opportunity to be a part of the dress rehershal tonight and can't wait for everyone else to see the production as well. If you plan on coming my best advice is to arrive early... they are only doing the production twice and I think they are going to pack it out both times! Get more information on the times and location by clicking here.

I have permission to post a couple of shots here but I can't show you everything quite yet, there are some surprises so be sure to come out and see Imagine Christmas for yourself this Sunday!


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christmas prints

12.14.07 ~ Updates ~ posted by Millie

We have been warning you for weeks and the day has finally arrived. Today is the last day to order for Christmas so if you need to get a print for Mom & Dad or your Aunt Gertrude... call the studio today before 4pm! We look forward to talking with you.

Now for me to get my butt in gear because I have not started shopping yet and Christmas is only 11 days away... yikes!

vol 25

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Julie & Michael

12.12.07 ~ Portraits ~ posted by Millie

When I met Michael & Julie for their session I was excited about the day. Julie and I made a plan over the phone the week before. I knew they had a beautiful home on the water with a perfect view and a boat so we had lots to work with. We had big plans to go out on the boat and get some shots but the tide was too low to get to the Island we wanted to shoot at. We had to rethink our big plans and quick so we opted for some deck shots, then off to the beach for a few shots at sunset. I love what we got and although the boat would have been fun, we will save that for next time! These shots are steamy and a little fun with the textures makes them that much more enjoyable!

Misha with a little bling collar. She was working it for the camera...

At low tide there is this little walkway out to the jetty. The fisherman often walk out on it and I thought it would make a sweet shot so Michael & Julie braved the barnacles against their bare feet. I am so glad they were willing because I LOVE the next two shots... they are so romantic and dreamy!


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texturize it

12.11.07 ~ Updates ~ posted by Millie

This afternoon brought a nice surprise. My Jesh De Rox textures arrived at my doorstep and I made myself wait until this evening to play with them. Check out all of the yummy color and textures below. I pulled out some of Matt & Melissa's image to play with them because I felt like they would be a great addition to our crazy location. My intuition was right on and I produced some totally fun stuff. I have played with textures before but they were not this great. Makes me want to go out and shoot a bunch of textures to see what else I can make. The opportunities are endless and Jesh says I should explore!

Formula One Actions

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O'Malley Family

12.10.07 ~ Kids & Family ~ posted by Millie

Those of you who follow my work closely will remember the O'Malley family. Bob & Kat gave birth to Mary Katherine in 2006 and I was there for the delivery. They were actually one of my clients chosen by Professional Photographers Magazine to grace an article published on my birth photography. To see the shot they used of the O'Malley's and read the article, click here.

Obviously Mary Katherine has grown a lot since then and she is about as cute as they come. We headed out to Wrightsville Beach Park, one of her favorite places to play, so that we could capture her in action... isn't she adorable!?

Mary Katherine loves the slide and her fuzzy little vest made things even slicker so she would go down fast and laugh... Mom & Dad were ready and waiting to catch her at the bottom...

Each time she got to the bottom, she would say "more!" (She knows sign language so she would sign too) It was so cute!

Another bigger spiral slide, but adding a little element of surprise to this one by sliding down backwards!

This shot has a cute story behind it. Mary Katherine is quite independent. She wanted to go down the slide by herself and once she realized Mom was going down with her she started shouting "me... me... me."

The O'Malley's are super people and I really enjoyed seeing them again! Great fun!

Salt Harbor Designs...

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