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bebe is 80

12.15.07 ~ Life ~ posted by Millie

Last Saturday was my Grandmother Bebe's 80th birthday, so my family made the trip to my mother's hometown to celebrate! I told my Grandmother that she could not get away with having her own little photo shoot on her 80th because that is just how life rolls when your granddaughter is a photographer. She threw up her hands and laughed, so I started snapping!

Bebe with her girls...

add in the son in-laws...

I also managed to get a shot of my cousin, Zach, out by the barn. He is totally into playing the guitar and I love it because most kids his age in his hometown are more into stuff like hunting and although he loves that stuff too, he totally has his own thing as well, music! I love how the guitar and barn are so different from one another but somehow the textures seem to bring it all together and it works.

One of my grandmother's favorite things to do is open presents, she loves it and she gets so excited. Many times at Christmas she has already unwrapped all of her presents before anyone else even gets started! She also loves chocolate and can eat a ton of it in one sitting. She always gets lots of Chocolate as gifts!

A few of my favorite things about my grandmother... when she makes fudge, she makes it for me without the nuts because I don't like nuts mixed into things. She makes the best punch in the world... her own recipe... it rocks! Every time we eat at her house, she always fixes us punch for dessert. She also makes the best Thanksgiving dressing in the world and her cooking skills rock! I suppose she is responsible for her daughters being such mad scientist in the kitchen... they all cook awesome meals! My grandmother is an inspiration to me because she has persevered through many hard times. My grandfather passed away when the girls were young (my mother was 12). She raised them both on her own and is a very independent woman! I love that she has overcome so many struggles in her life and is still here to tell us her stories!

Here my grandmother is taking a peak at my older brother Seth's wedding album. I finally got around to printing one of them so I am half way to marking that goal off of my list!

Chocolate cake of course! Sandwiched by her two favorite people in the whole world, her girls. She loves her girls and just having them around makes her happy! Happy 80th birthday Bebe, I love you!

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