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imagine christmas is over...

12.17.07 ~ Documentary ~ posted by Millie

Here comes a REALLY long post! I've spent the last four days on Imagine Christmas... attending practices and shows, shooting, editing, blogging... now it is over. With a big production like this comes a bitter sweet end for many. The work is over which means Christmas is that much closer and those neglected little things like housework and shopping can be completed before Christmas gets here. However, the work and effort put into the show is exciting and after it is over you have a bit of sadness because it was such a thrill to work on such a tremendous production with so much teamwork. Working towards a common goal is empowering and fun.

The production was a blast and a huge success. I can only hope there will be many more to come! Here is a peak of the action just in case you missed it. For those of you who were there, this is a little way to relive the moments you enjoyed or catch those you might have missed...

Carolers in the parking lot greeted those coming in to see the production. Once you into the lobby you were welcomed with hot apple cider and sugar cookies... nothing warms your hear like these three things combined. Music, cider and cookies... yummm!

A little moment with some of the dancers backstage before the show began...

A show like this takes a lot of details and people including hair stylist, make up artist and other behind the scenes crew like seamstress, props, and more...

shirts were stenciled...

lots of eyelashes were applied... crazy eyelashes!

When I headed backstage to see how close we were to starting, I caught the dancers from the opening set taking a moment to pray...

Everyone was in the Christmas spirit, wearing their fluffy coats, scarfs, winter hats and smiling every step of the way...

Of course the tech crew had a lot of responsibility... without them the show would not have been the same. Look at all of those buttons... makes me want to play...

Pastor Abbye was in charge of the entire production. Here she is with the massive headset to prove it...

Live music.... (and two photos of the violin because I could not decide which I like best)

I am no musician but from what I understand, "Carol Of the Bells" is not an easy song to play and Klee rocked it on the guitar...

The Kite Dancer, Paul, totally rocked. It takes mad skills to fly a kite indoors without wind... mad skills!

Kipp brought down the house with his solo... I love it when kids sing in front of hundreds of people and he is just so cute...

Snow always makes everything that much happier and more Christmasy (I don't think that is a word)... now if we could just get a little snow in Wilmington!

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