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heather + orin . part two

09.25.09 ~ Weddings ~ posted by Brent & Amanda

After some sweet and much needed alone time, Heather and Orin headed back to their friends and family and got ready for a milestone celebration. And it was certainly a celebration that rocked the island with beautiful details, dancing music, and laughter of those enjoying all of it.

The party was wonderful and full of life! Brent and I were doing everything we could to capture each moment during the reception (we hardly even ate, we were so full of adrenaline)! Nonetheless, it was worth it!

A HUGE thank you to the lovely Kim Fisher Designs for providing the wedding with beautiful flowers and vibrant details. They are exquisite!!

Parasols and sun hats are a great way to keep your guests cool during the summer months. Love!

Heather and Orin wasted no time at the reception and enjoyed their first dance together as husband and wife...

...complete with a flawless dip!

The details were gorgeous and so colorful. Another big thanks to Kim Fisher Designs for rockin' it out!

Another interesting fact for those that love personal touches: The man talking to Heather and Orin is the minister that officiated their ceremony. He was also the minister that performed Heather's parent's wedding. Crazy cool!

There was a "kids table" at the reception filled with coloring books, crayons, markers, stickers, bubbles and more! I love the idea of having stuff for kids to enjoy during the reception.

There was a picture station where guests could stand in front of a chalk board that had wings on it. Creative!

Brent decided to use the chalk board station to his advantage, and captured a really fun shot. I love the way his brain works.

Time for cake...

...and best wishes from those who love us dearly.

All I can say is, LOVE!

Great ring shot that Brent grabbed. It's a different approach, and I like it.

I am still convinced the party could have lasted well into the night. Alas, friends and family gathered around to say their goodbyes and blessings to Heather and Orin. Little bits of lavender, confetti and flowers were tossed in honor of the couple. It made smelled so good and made for fun shots!

I pray that the smiles captured on Heather and Orin's face will help carry them through life. Best wishes and laugh through life!

Salt Harbor Designs...

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